From Our Business Manager

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,


I know folks are concerned that work started off slow this year. We’ve been here before, as construction always has its ups and downs, but we’ve had a 15-year run. There are some younger members who have never been through a downturn before. It’s important to always remember: it’s temporary! Just ask any older member.

Behind the scenes, we have been planning for this moment for years, knowing there will always be short-lived slowdowns. The union is hustling on your behalf to secure work for the members:

Bo Town Project: This is a mixed-use residential/commercial development projected to come online in October. It will have 150K man-hours for our inside wiremen, residential, S&C, and material handlers. 332 is negotiating with our contractor, Redwood Electric Group, to meet the developer’s budget and schedule and secure five years of work for our members.

MEPS (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinklerfitters): Our skilled trade organization with partner unions has been working to improve our relationship to developers, finding ways to partner. MEPS has incredible value with developers because of our ability to supply a workforce with cutting-edge skills to development projects.

Strengthening relationships with elected leaders: Because of our Local’s ongoing political work, we have been able to secure more PLAs than ever before in our history. We’ve also passed policies that put union contractors at a competitive advantage for all public projects because of our apprenticeship and world-class journeymen.

As a member of Local 332, you have the full power of the union fighting to secure work for you and your IBEW brothers and sisters! 

Dan Romero
Business Manager

Wage Allocation Vote Soon!

In our last negotiations, the union won the biggest increase for residential electricians and the second biggest for inside wiremen in Local 332 history.

It’s your money, and it’s time to voice how you’d like to spend the raises in terms of what you want to go on the check and what you want to go towards health and welfare/pension.

Inside Wage Allocation Vote:

  • Inside informational meeting was on April 13th at 5pm at the union hall.
  • Voting will be online: April 14th-21st.

Residential Wage Allocation Vote:

  • Residential informational meeting on May 4th at 5pm at the union hall.
  • Voting will be online: May 5th-8th.

It’s your money and your vote!

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