Organizing For Power

Organized labor is currently enjoying a boom, with workers across the country standing up, uniting, and forming unions.

In the last century particularly, workers have realized that there is strength in numbers. When working conditions have been deplorable, hours exceedingly long, and pay meager and unjust, people have banded together to transform their worksites and their lives by unionizing. Over the years, unions have accomplished so much – particularly in the construction industry, where union wages, benefits, and training are the gold standard. 

When you compare union and non-union worksites in the same industries, the vast majority of union workers are doing better. However, many electrical shops in the United States and Canada are still not unionized, and conditions are deplorable, hours are long, and in many cases, wages are so low people cannot survive without getting a second job. We must continue to organize.

To do that, we must not get complacent. We must not only continue uniting our own shops, but organize others so that union electrical workers can have greater market share. When we have greater market share, we have greater power to bargain stronger contracts with higher wages and benefits.

Organized labor cannot rest until all workers can enjoy the benefits of being union and collectively, we can pursue social, political, and economic improvements for all people. 

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