Committee & Clubs

Local 332 has many committees and clubs, providing members with meaningful opportunities to socialize, strengthen the union, contribute to the community, and have fun. Please check in with contacts regarding meeting times and Covid protocols.

The IBEW Local Union 332 has a proud history of making a difference in the community and giving back to society. We touch the lives of our local neighbors through various kinds of community service, recognizing that we have a particular responsibility to be a good corporate citizen. Volunteers are always needed! Look for detailed information regarding these events on the website, at union meetings, in the IBEW 332 newsletter, and through mailers. Join us!

Contact: Pete Seaberg |

The IBEW 332 Political Action Committee (PAC) is set up to participate in COPE, the Committee on Political Education, which is the political arm of the labor movement.

COPE reports facts about political issues and candidates. It follows the voting records of elected officials. It helps educate members so we can vote intelligently and in the best interests of our families and the union.

We flex our union’s power by keeping politicians informed about our union’s positions on policies and interviewing/vetting political candidates for office. Join us!

Contact: Will Smith |

The EWMC is a strong advocate for greater minority representation in the IBEW. The EWMC is well-respected by the IBEW and the labor movement because of its commitment to the pursuit of socioeconomic justice as well as its dedication to ongoing community service. We are dedicated IBEW men and women who work to affect changes that will benefit minorities and the entire IBEW membership. The Caucus serves as a support and networking system, and we provide education and training for our members. Join us!

Contact: Anthony Hernández | 408.605.9622 |

The goal of Renew is to expand the union, advance 332 members within the IBEW, and prepare the next generation of workers. We cultivate diverse and effective leaders, bridge the generational gap within the local, create ties between labor and the community, and engage/mobilize union workers through internal organizing. Join us!

Contact: Zahira Elmansoumi |

We strive to address issues relating to safety within our industry. Our goals include:

  • Sharing experience, suggestions, and knowledge
  • Discussing OSHA regulations
  • Minimizing/mitigating common injuries 
  • Increasing safety compliance for workers and contractors
  • Pursuing common safety language and training to set local industry standards
  • Generating new personal protective equipment ideas
  • Communicating safety issues to the Local 332 membership
  • Answering member questions or direct people properly to solve issues
  • Disseminating education/training requirements 
  • Making suggestions to NECA

Contact: Chair Brett McClure |

Contact: Pete Seaberg |

We invite all retired IBEW members in and out of this local to join us. We are a social club and discuss interesting topics such as:



  • What are Santa Clara County’s financial directions? 
  • The history and status of the Rengstorff house. 
  • Would you like to be on a grand jury? Do you think you know what the grand jury is for?
  • Concerned about being defrauded and (yuck) having to go back to work? Stay informed!
  • Is solar power for you? All you need to know to decide.
  • Stanford football: “What’s up with them?”

Contact: Gary McDowell |

We are members in recovery here to support you and your family by offering advocacy, resources, peer support, and clean and sober functions. Our goal is to provide the support and camaraderie needed to get and stay clean and sober and help loved ones make a positive impact in our community. Join us!

Contact: Nicole Castro| 408-761-0337

We go on weekend outings to get exercise, fresh air, and fellowship. Join us!

Contact: Javier Casillas |

The 332 Lightning Catchers is a fun way to kick it with other members on the field. We play in tournaments, and once a year, we do a Toys for Tots exhibition game where fans bring toys for charity. It’s just another way we can strengthen our bond with our union brothers and sisters. We have teamwork on the field the same way we have teamwork on the job. Join us or attend a game!

Contact: Rafael Gonzalez-Gomez | 650-346-9220