Back It Up to Sept. 2022 Cars & Coffee

Aaron Badillo

1st Year Apprentice

“I volunteered at Cars & Coffee because I love cars. I got a glimpse of the sister and brotherhood in action. 332 doesn’t just talk about the brotherhood, they make it a fact, and bring us together as family.

“The apprenticeship is the same, and the instructors do everything they can to make sure you succeed. It’s demanding, but if you put in 100%, you get 100% back.

“Before the apprenticeship, I went to culinary school and was a line cook for 10 years. When Covid hit, a lot of my favorite restaurants shut down, my friends struggled, and I was pulling 12-hour shifts six days a week. My fiance wasn’t seeing much of me. We wanted a change of pace, and I was always interested in the science of electrical work.

“I really enjoy being an electrician, working with my hands, and making something out of nothing. You can come to a dirt lot, and a year later you can put your name on it because you helped build it.”

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