“Nightmare on Barber Lane”: Team Halloween Haunt at the ETA-SV

Sergio Monzon, Inside Wireman & Lead Organizer of Team Halloween Haunt                                                                          

“Nightmare on Barber Lane was a six-month collaborative project. We got a small budget from the ETA-SV, NECA, and Local 332, and so many people contributed their labor. The core group brainstormed about the overall vision, and then each of us owned a ‘zone' in which we had free rein to build. 

“It took six months with lots of hands-on work, using different aspects of lighting. We applied our skills in a real-life scenario. It was great to see some of the apprentices learn new things. And it was amazing for everyone involved to be so creative and see our vision become a reality after working on the weekends and after work.

“About 500 members, families, friends, and community turned out for the event. We opened our doors to show what the IBEW is all about. We showcased what we can do with lighting, and that we’re so much more than an on/off switch. The sky is the limit, and we built everything ourselves on a budget. What’s more is that we provided a positive, safe environment for everyone to have fun. Family and friends are so important, and it was great to gather after not seeing people in the pandemic.”

Team Halloween Haunt: Back: Marilyn Rosa, Oliver Occ, Austin Pina, Anthony Martinez, Emiliano Ojeda, Joey Buziuk, Joseph Rosa, Ashley Noriega, and Javier Nichols. Front: Nataliya Monzon, Sergio Monzon, and Zahira Elmansoumi. Not pictured: Brad Gulan, Alex Terry, and Brandon Lopez

Zahira Elmansoumi  | Residential Apprentice              

”Every morning I love getting up to go to work. I learn something new every day, and I feel like I’m contributing to something bigger than myself. Fun is the first word that comes to mind regarding the Halloween event. It was amazing working with people who were motivated, super creative, and passionate about making it a great event. The big payoff was that the community had fun–I had a blast making people scream!”

Joey Buziuk | Inside Wireman                                                    

”Working on this project for six months, I met a lot of people I wouldn’t have ordinarily met and started friendships. We’re all electricians, like being involved in the Local, and it was great to bring members and people outside the IBEW together for a fun night out. I had a great time putting it all together and then seeing people’s reactions. I hope
we keep doing it in the future and see more members get involved.”

Anthony Martinez  | Inside Wireman                                          

”We put our whole hearts into this project. It was a lot of work, but the camaraderie made it so fun it didn’t feel like work. It was cool to see a project through from concept to reality. So many unexpected things come up, and you use your creative problem-solving. I just turned out this year, and I found I learned a lot of new skills on the project. It was all-encompassing, and I think we blew our expectations out of the water!”

Javier Nichols  | Inside Wireman                                                                                                    

”When I got out of the military, I went to school for electrical engineering. But my uncle is in the union, and so I went in that direction. I was part of the 2019 Halloween event, and I was there from the beginning for this year’s event. The camaraderie and brotherhood was the best part. We all put in the hours after work for the big community event. The union is like the military: When you’re off duty, you’re still a family.” 

Marilyn Rosa  | ETA-SV Staff                                                                                                  

”I helped with building access, build day supplies, zone builds, and jumped in wherever help was needed. I made lasting friendships and also learned a lot about the trades. After these years of Covid, it was awesome to see families out together having fun! This event was a great example of how the Local really brings people together. Kudos to the ETASV, IBEW, and NECA for supporting this amazing project!”

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