332 Benefit for Operation Freedom Paws

332 Benefit for Operation Freedom Paws

Local 332 has many members who have served in the armed forces, and the union supports veterans wherever we can. One example has been our partnership with Operation Freedom Paws (OFP). The nonprofit trains and places service dogs for veterans. The cost for each trained dog is upwards of $20,000, but it is free for the vets. These service dogs are life-changing for many veterans in our community. 

This November, we held a poker tournament to benefit OFP. We had a great turnout and raised over $2,300. The nonprofit has also been the recipient of 332’s golf tournament donations, and we’ve volunteered many hours installing new lighting and electric heaters at their facility. The union is proud to support such a phenomenal organization.

Local 332 has a veterans committee which aims to improve the lives of veterans, both in our membership and in our community. To get involved, contact the chair, Pete Seaberg, at 408-518-2836. To learn more about OFP, go to operationfreedompaws.org. 

332 poker tournament to benefit Operation Freedom Paws
Pete Seaberg gives 332 check to Operation Freedom Paws

Pete Seaberg, Veteran & Local 332 Vice President

“In the military, teamwork and hard work are paramount, and there was always a new problem to solve. Everybody has a job to do and an important role to play on the team. We always approached problems with an attitude of ‘adapt and overcome.’ You figure it out and do what is necessary to get the job done.

“That same ethic carries through to the union and construction work. It’s very similar at job sites where we just have to figure things out, work through problems, and keep at it until we get the job done.

”With our IBEW brothers and sisters, and with veterans in general, there’s a camaraderie and a sense of family. I was missing that feeling when I left the service, but found it again in the brotherhood of the IBEW.

“There are so many veterans who need help, which is why 332 is proud to support Operation Freedom Paws.”

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