Scenes from the New JATC: Open for Business Jan. 3, 2022

The following are scenes and interviews taken on September 17th with electricians from the construction of the new JATC. In the early fall, we had some delays attributed to inspection issues with the City of Milpitas operating under COVID restrictions. We also had some delays with the availability of materials-the same delays that the industry is experiencing due to disruptions in the global supply chain.

Construction has moved forward considerably since the fall. Everything has now been installed, and we are now just working on the punch list. We will be moving in the second week in December and open for business on January 3. Phone numbers, emails, and the website will remain the same.

“We will be open for business on January 3, 2022,” said Dan Romero, incoming business manager. “Thanks to all the craftsmen who contributed to making the new training center a place to be proud of. The IBEW members showcased their skill for all to see.
“We will have a grand opening where members will be invited to tour your investment in late January or February.“

Stay tuned for an invitation!

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