In-Person Meetings Have Resumed

We are happy that our in-person union meetings have resumed and are going strong every first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 at the hall. In fact, attendance is extremely high.

Join us to learn more about union business, political issues, and community service opportunities, while enjoying the camaraderie of union brothers and sisters.

Masks are required.

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Local 332 President Javier Casillas: Conduits for Change

For the holidays, we’ve got some good news and some bad. The bad news is that it’s going to be another “Covid Christmas,” and the Local will not be doing any of our extracurriculars like Christmas in the Park. The International has canceled all events until spring, 2022, and we are following their lead. Our Members safety is our #1 concern.

On a positive note, the members are getting the ultimate holiday gift: the new apprenticeship building. Four years in the making, we’ll be opening on January 3. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that is an investment in our collective futures. We need to have cutting-edge skills so that we can stay ahead of the nonunion contractors. Our future is our ability to turn out apprentices that begin with little-to-no electrical knowledge, and end as highly skilled craftsmen and women five years later. It’s also a terrific place for journeymen to continue their education with the latest technology. We must continue to hold each other to highest trade standards.

Our apprentices have been remote learning since March 2020, and they deserve to get the kind of hands-on-training they will now be getting. I think we’re all ready to get back to in-person learning. It will be difficult at first as we come out of the isolation, but we will adapt. The future of our workforce and our livelihood depends on it. Our apprenticeship and continuing education is what separates us from nonunion. Please take care brothers and sisters this holiday season.

Our Condolences

Local 332 honors our members who have recently passed away. Our hearts go out to their loved ones during these challenging times.

Please take a moment to remember:

Joseph Abinanti: 7/27/21
Eli J. Aranda: 9/11/21
William D. Barrie: 9/21/21
Gordon L. Bull: 10/10/21
David G. Dampier: 8/21/21
John C. Davis III: 10/5/21
Arthur L. DeCarlo: 8/6/21
Donald E. Goodman: 9/30/21
Raymond J. Hupf: 10/8/21
Stephen Ingelfinger: 7/9/21
James A. Johnson: 1/25/21
Gerald McLean: 10/20/21
Robert Sepulveda: 9/11/21
W. Smith: 9/26/21
Klaus L. Spencer: 9/25/21
Robert Tragni: 10/9/21

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