A Message From Our Business Manager

Greetings Brothers & Sisters:                                                                                           

I hope this letter finds you and your family well. I want to thank everyone that came out for the inside wiremen ratification vote. It was the best display of democracy in action. It was both a lively and courteous debate, with a ton of brother- and sisterhood mixed in. The contract has something for everyone, and our negotiating team won the most money in the history of the West Coast. It’s a contract we can be proud of, and it speaks to the respect the contractors have for our members’ skill.

We also finished up contracts for residential, the City of San Jose, and OPEIU (staff members’ union), and we are currently working on the material handlers. The residential classification received a record increase over four years. I am very proud the members allocated responsibly to fund health and welfare and pensions. Though residential work has slowed down and jobs have been pushed out, we know the work will pick up.

The City of San Jose negotiations were a challenge due to government budget issues and agencies needing to tighten their belts. However, the wage increase was the maximum amount on par with the highest increases for the city.

So, what’s next for Local 332? I can tell you right now there is more to come. Seriously though, our members are in a good position. Summer is just beginning, and the hope is for work to increase. All around us there have been delays, creating a lag for calls. But there is a ton of work on the books, so please keep doing your best to save and prepare for any work picture.

And when there’s down time, don’t wait till the holidays to share some time with your family and friends. Summer is meant for memories to be made and to remember what it’s like to be a kid. Stay in every moment with your loved ones, and I will see you at the 40th Anniversary Local 332 Family Picnic on July 13th at Coyote Ranch.

Always Union,

Javier M. Casillas
Business Manager


Year of the Contract                 

“We always need a reminder that we are a union of brothers and sisters. I want to thank the member who asked me, ‘Are you taking care of yourself?’ Then proceeded to tell me in a nice way that I wasn’t looking too good.

“I must agree with their assessment because of the stress of negotiations. As the Business Manager, the responsibility rests on my shoulders. We won the most money ever in the history of the West Coast. But I’m already thinking about what’s next.

“I may look like hell, but I AM STILL GOOD-LOOKING! So let it roll, and let’s go 332! Lol!”

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