332 Benefits Corner

Jo-Ann Rashid | UAS Representative (332’s Benefits Administrator)                        

Jo-Ann is at the union hall (Monday-Friday, 1:30-5pm) to answer questions, help with paperwork, and provide you with information on HRA cards, healthcare, retirement, and loans from your 401K. You can also reach her at:
jrashid@uastpa.com or 408-288-4493.

You can now change medical plans at any time. The only requirement is you must be on your existing medical plan for 12 months. If you have less than 12 months, you can still change plans during open enrollment in December. Enrollment packets will be mailed then.

Do you have pensions you don’t know about? A reminder to retiring members to contact the I/O and NEBF to check if you have a pension plan. I/O Tel: 202-728-6206 | NEBF Tel: 301-556-4300 x 557

HRA receipt reminder: Please be sure to hang on to your itemized receipts in case they are requested to substantiate a claim! Receipts should include: name of provider; date of service; description of service or item purchased, and the amount charged. If you are unsure about HRA documentation, reach out to Jo-Ann for examples so you know what to do.

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