Member Feature: Deven Nunez, S&C 3rd Year Apprentice

“Before I got into the union, I was stocking shelves at Costco and going to college. I was passing, but it wasn’t working because I had to just sit and take notes. I prefer to move around and do things hands-on.

“When I got into the Sound & Communication (S&C) apprenticeship, I loved it, because you learn by doing. I like that we are using tools to build what people need. We put up data racks, pull cable, and make it look nice. You get to stand back and say, ‘We did that.’

“The people I work with are like my family. Journeymen teach me and genuinely want to see me excel. I’m a 3rd year, and I teach the 1st year. When I turn out this year, I’ll support more people. As a journeyman, I want to teach others everything I know–just like people did for me.”

“I’m in a few of the union groups: the Political Action Committee to work on electing labor-friendly leaders; RENEW to engage the next generation electrical workers; and the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus to help diversify the union and get more people involved.

“I believe in the beauty of the union. You’re providing for your family in a great way. But it’s more than a job; it’s a brother- and sisterhood, and I love giving back to the community and the next generation of electrical workers coming up. You get what you put in–so I give it my all!”

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