From Our Business Manager

Greetings Brothers & Sisters,                                                                                           

In May, several of us attended the IBEW IO Convention. Numerous resolutions were presented and bylaw changes were passed. Perhaps the biggest and most important was regarding President Biden’s historic infrastructure bill that will generate work for IBEW members. 

Biden’s bill calls for an enormous expansion of the electric vehicle charging station network around the country. For this, we need more trained members. The bill helps fund the Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP). Keep your eye out for announcements from 332’s new JATC (ETASV) for upcoming EVITP classes. Once again, our members will be on the cutting edge of technology.

At the convention, we also passed a resolution to be a more inclusive union so that we reflect the communities we serve. 332 has led the way in providing equal opportunities for all. The 332 Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC) is a good way to get involved. Contact Anthony Hernández at for info.

One more item to note: 332 social events are back in swing, and I encourage members to come out to forge new relationships and/or rekindle old ones. Whether it’s the July 9th picnic or the July 15th new JATC (ETASV) open house, you and your families are invited. These are the first union-wide social events since the pandemic started.

Every IBEW member is part of our 332 union family, and social events lead to solidarity. That solidarity is the cornerstone of our strength. When we think of ourselves as a family, the whole becomes more important than any one individual. So when it’s time to make decisions, we think of everybody, not just what’s good for one.

I continue to be inspired by the hard work of our members. The impacts we are making on Silicon Valley are long-lasting. By coming together, we can strengthen our communities for ourselves and for all working families.


In Solidarity,

Dan Romero
Business Manager


IBEW Shows Political Strength       

I want to thank Local 332’s members for your work and support around the June 7th primary election. A lot of progressive leaders were either elected or moved forward into runoffs in November. Our work is not done, and we need to turn out just as strong in the November election.

Whether we love or hate politics, 332’s growth and work picture depends on the political climate. We must elect labor-friendly leaders who will pass PLAs and spending for city infrastructure. Our strength lies in our numbers. I invite you to reach out to Will: or Alex: to walk precincts, put up yard signs, and make calls in the coming months.

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