June 7th Voter Information

Voter Registration    

To limit COVID exposure from in-person voting, all registered voters will be sent an

absentee ballot automatically. But you must be registered to receive a ballot.

Ways to Vote: In Person or By Mail Ballot      

5/9/22-6/7/22: Early voting locations

5/10/22-6/7/22: Official ballot drop box

6/7/22 Election Day: In person at polling place 7am-8pm

6/7/22 Election Day: Drop ballot at polling place 7am-8pm

Via USPS mail with a postmark on or before 6/7/22 (not recommended)

Other Key Links   

VOTE YES on San Jose Measure B Fair Elections Initiative

One of the most important choices in this year’s June 7 election is whether to move San Jose’s mayoral race from the midterm election year (2018, 2022, 2026) to a presidential election year (2016, 2020, 2024). We urge all Local 332 members to vote YES to move the election and pass Measure B, the Fair Elections Initiative.

For years, unions and grassroots community leaders have been pushing to make this happen. Why? Because more workers and their families vote in the presidential year. In fact, we would nearly double worker political power.

By increasing voter participation, we ensure our elected leaders are more responsive to all the people of San Jose – no matter where you work or how much money you have – not special interests that write fat checks. VOTE YES on B!

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