IBEW 332 Benefits Quick Reference Guide

Health & Welfare    

There is nothing more important than keeping you and your family healthy.

For Inside Wiremen, contact UAS, the Local 332 benefits administrator | ibew332benefits.com

Mon-Fri | 7:30am-4:00pm | Lynda Rodarte, 408-288-4433 | info332@uastpa.com

For S&C/Residential/Material Handlers: go to soundcommbenefits.com

Mon-Fri | 7:30am-4:00pm | Shandy Grace, 408-288-4452 | info332@uastpa.com

The Inside Wiremen contract has slightly different benefits than S&C/Residential/Material Handlers, but all have full-family medical insurance (including registered domestic partners) with either Blue Cross PPO or Kaiser HMO, dental, vision, life insurance, and an HRA card (health reimbursement account). Use your HRA card for co-pays, prescriptions, and out-of-pocket costs for medical, dental, or vision. For Inside Wiremen, $2 per hour is loaded; for Residential/Material Handlers, 75¢ per hour is loaded; and for S&C, 65¢ per hour is loaded. There no maximum.

Pension & Retirement  

Saving for retirement is critical so you can continue to thrive in your golden years

after a lifetime of hard work. Unlike so many workers, IBEW Local 332 has a variety

of retirement plans, depending on your classification:

Inside Wireman Retirement

For info, contact UAS, the Local 332 benefits administrator | ibew332benefits.com

Mon-Fri | 7:30am-4:00pm | Rachelle Manalo, 408-288-4459 | info332@uastpa.com

  • Part A: Employer-paid, defined distribution. You will receive a certain amount of money each month for your entire retirement, depending on how long you have worked. To qualify, you need to work 1000 hours in a year to get 1 credit, and you vest when you have 5 credits. Employers put in $12.90 per hour.
  • Part B: Employer-paid, defined contribution. Employers put in $9 per hour over the course of your career, and the money earns compounded interest. You withdraw only what is there in your retirement. You can borrow from Part B in your working years, and you decide what funds your money is invested in.
  • 401K: This is the self-contribution portion of your Part B plan. You can add $2, $4, $6, $8, or $10 per hour, and it goes into your Plan B. The more you have, the more secure your retirement!

District 9 S&C/Residential/Material Handlers Retirement

For info, go to soundcommbenefits.com/pension or call the 9th District Pension Office at 800-804-2385.

Part B defined contribution plan in which employers pay into your pension which is invested and earns interest over time. You can withdraw it when you retire.

S&C: Employers put in $9 per hour | Residential: $4.27 per hour. | Material Handlers: $3.80 per hour

The National Electrical Benefit Fund (NEBF): For info, go to www.nebf.com/nebf or call 301-556-4300.

The IO Pension: For info, call 202-728-6206.

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