From Our Business Manager Javier Casillas

Business Manager Fall Punch List                                                                                           

Since being elected as your business manager, I’ve been hard at work in my first 100 days. Along with my fellow 332 officers and staff, we’ve been advocating in the field and making some immediate improvements to our operations. Here’s a punch list of some of the union’s activities:

  • S&C negotiations have begun for District 9. All the union business managers for D9 have met multiple times with NECA, and we are pushing for the best contract for our 332 members.
  • Our contractors are reporting multiple data centers and large projects to begin man loads starting in 4th quarter.
  • San Jose utilities: I have met three times with the City of San Jose regarding their efforts to create their own utility. We have begun the informational update. This is an ongoing process.
  • UAS: I have asked UAS to add a satellite office at our union hall beginning in 2024. This will improve customer service for members on your benefits.
  • Our informational update drive has yielded over 1,400 forms with current member info. Thank you for helping us keep you in the loop for contracts, retirement information, events, and negotiations.
  • Drug test: We have implemented a new drug testing policy for members. There is now a cheek swab option with results within 48 hours. We are still using the national federal standard. Please understand the additional testing required for jobsites is not part of our process.
  • Communications: We have begun the update on our branding and future communications from the hall. Starting in October, our forms can be filled out electronically. Also look for new stationery.
  • 332 apparel: We have new apparel for the fall so you can rep 332 proudly out there. Please stop by and take a look!
  • Building updates: I am researching and getting bids for the hall HVAC, bathroom refresh, landscaping, and exterior lighting.
  • 332 in the field: You have seen our agents in the field, and we will continue to visit jobsites to keep the membership informed.
  • Get involved: We have a stewards class scheduled. Committees have begun meeting, so consider joining one. And be on the lookout for fall events to gather with union brothers and sisters. See you soon!

Food for Thought                   

I have one question for you: “Are you a fan of change?” When I ask this question, the answers vary. For me, any change has to do with improvement. If we spend too much time looking backwards, we will miss opportunities for the future. Our past success serves as a benchmark, and it’s up to us to create a successful tomorrow. Get involved with 332 so that you can be a part of our future!

Always Union,

Javier M. Casillas
Business Manager

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