A Message from Pete Seaberg, Local 332 President

The IBEW is coming up on 132 years of existence this November. That’s more than 13 decades of fighting for the rights and benefits that we all enjoy today. My family–just like yours–is provided for by the IBEW. Our wages and benefits have been fought for by all the previous generations of labor: men and women who sacrificed so much to protect our future by standing on picket lines, going to labor rallies, and fighting the good fight. All of us are enjoying the fruits of their labor, their sacrifices, and their hardships.

I bring all of this up because I feel it is important to remember where we came from as a labor organization. We are a union that fights to protect not only our wages and benefits, but our values and dignity as working-class Americans. We must shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward the character and ideals that have been fought for and are so deeply entrenched in our union.

Remembering our roots and history is very important to me and will help lead our local forward into our next 100+ years. I will work to preserve our foundational values while also adapting to overcome new challenges to ensure our great union continues to provide for all our families and future generations of IBEW members. The weight of this responsibility is what guides my decisions as your president. Thank you to all the members for putting your trust in me.

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