Camaraderie of the Brother/Sisterhood

In Solidarity We Do Recover: Sobriety Support Committee for Members

There are many members who struggle with alcoholism and/or drug problems. When someone is thinking of asking for help or looking for support with addiction-related topics, the amount of information and resources can be overwhelming. The 332 Recovery Committee was created by members Marcus Weagle and Nichole Hall to help members connect to resources and gain support within our brother/sisterhood.

We never want our fellow members to feel alone on their path to recovery. The brotherhood and sisterhood is there for each other on the job, and we are here for each other in recovery. In solidarity we do recover!

To join the Recovery Committee:

The group meets every third Friday of the month at 5pm on Zoom.

We also meet the first Tuesday of the month an hour before the union business meeting so folks who want sober fellowship have a place.

Call Marcus Weagle: 831-247-3140 or Nichole Hall: 408-761-0337 for more information or to get the Zoom link.

Join our private Facebook group: search 332Recovery.




On the Field with the 332 Lightning Catchers Coached by Rafael Gonzalez-Gomez

“Back in 2019, I asked Javier Casillas why we no longer had a 332 softball team. He said, ‘No one wants to coach it.’ So I said, ‘Problem solved: I’m your guy!’ I coach the team, and I’m primarily the pitcher. We play in a local slow pitch league, and we have also played in the IBEW District 9 Tournament in which we placed 6th.

“I had a great apprenticeship, and the team is a great opportunity to give back to our union. I always want apprentices coming up to have the same experience I had in the program. It’s just another way we can strengthen our bond with our brothers and sisters that share the field. We have teamwork on the field the same way we have teamwork on the job.

“This fall, we are going to play in several tournaments and also have a Toys for Tots game. We invite members to attend and donate a toy. Our games are posted at the JATC, our website, and on social media. Come out and enjoy watching a game!”

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