We are the cutting-edge electricians who power Silicon Valley’s tech campuses, stadiums, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. Serving Santa Clara County, CA, we are a highly-skilled workforce that goes through a rigorous apprenticeship to guarantee the finest craftsmanship.


Go union! Access higher wages, great benefits, job security, and a team-like atmosphere with Team 332.


Earn while you learn! Discover a well-paid career with cutting-edge skills and a lifetime of benefits.


Become a union shop! Gain access to a trained workforce and open doors to bid on more large jobs.            

Let's show some support for our #union brother Matthew Chavez, who will be running the Boston Marathon in April this year for the Brigham Stepping Strong Team. His goal is to raise $10,000 for the Center for Trauma Innovation, and he's almost halfway there. Let's help him get across the finish line! Please chip in whatever you can. Learn more and donate at the link in our bio.
#BlackHistoryMonth Today we honor Samuel Ringgold Ward, President of the American League of Colored Laborers - the first Black American labor union. Ward escaped enslavement to become an abolitionist, newspaper editor and Congregational minister.
The IBEW Local 332 Golf Club will once again be stripping the turf off several local golf courses in 2023!

Our club has a long tradition of camaraderie and competition. We’re a bunch of electrical workers (and guests) who get together the third Saturday of each month to enjoy a day on the course and each other’s company. We are also an associate club with the Northern California Golf Association and take qualified members to one or two NCGA competitive events each year. 

Congratulations to Ray Gilcrest, the 2022 IBEW Local 332 Club Champion! 2nd place went to Kevin Kavanaugh, and third place to Mike Vuckson.  A special shout out to Mike, our IBEW 332 Part B Pension Plan investment consultant, who had a hole-in-one in October! The glory of that one shot also came with a cash prize. Well done, Mike!

We are always looking for new members to join us. You can come as a guest and get an idea of what our monthly tournaments are like. For more info, contact Bill Ries: sportsjunkie1951@gmail.com; or Sal at sventura@ibew332.org
Our #IBEW siblings at Local 474 in Memphis know what's up.
If you like working with your hands AND your brain, a career in the #buildingtrades might be for you. With a #union #apprenticeship, you can earn while you learn and start your new career debt-free. 

Learn more at etasv.org.
When we #organize, we all win. Unions make workplaces better, so workers stay longer. And in the #buildingtrades, the level of training can't be beat. 

Epidemiologist Dr. Sara Wuellner led a study for the WA State Dept of Labor & Industries that found apprenticeship training lead to 31% fewer workers compensation claims.

“While the study focused on plumbers, it indicates apprenticeships not only provide well-trained workers, they also contribute to a safer workplace,” she said. "On-the-job training, mentorship, and classroom instruction are elements of apprenticeship training that can improve safety."

Read more at the link in our bio.
Solidarity with Southwest Airlines pilots who will take a strike authorization vote in May. 

"Southwest and the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association have been in negotiations for a new contract for years.

Union leaders have focused on better work rules and scheduling for Southwest workers. During the travel chaos last month, many pilots and flight attendants were stranded and had to wait on hold to reach schedulers or hotel services.

The union’s president, Casey Murray, said it was the first time it has held a strike authorization vote."

Read more at the link in our bio.

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit! Wishing health, fortune and abundance for all.
Words of wisdom from @AFLCIO Secretary Treasurer Fred Redmond.
On today's #MartinLutherKingJrDay, we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and remind Americans that he was as vocal in his support for unions as protection of the dignity of labor as he was in speaking out against racial injustice.
Zahira Elmansoumi, a residential apprentice, worked on the Nightmare on Barber Lane Halloween haunt. 
"Fun is the first word that comes to mind regarding the Halloween event. It was amazing working with people who were motivated, super creative, and passionate about making it a great event. The big payoff was that the community had fun–I had a blast making people scream!”

Read more about Nightmare on Barber Lane and the electricians behind it at the link in our bio.

Journeyman Chris Maag was a key volunteer building the 2022 Christmas tree in downtown San Jose. 

"Setting up the San Jose Christmas tree was fun, even though it was also a little bit of a fiasco.
The City had put some pieces together, and we had to take it apart and put it back together. Then one of the boom lifts was stuck, and we had to send another lift up to get one of our guys. We persevered and got the job done. And that’s how we do things in the IBEW!”

Read more about the members who set up the tree at the link in our bio.
"The U.S. Senate on Dec. 21 confirmed retired Tenth District #IBEW International Vice President Robert Klein as one of six new directors on the governing board of the Tennessee Valley Authority, bringing a labor voice to the electrical utility serving nearly 10 million customers across a wide swath of the South.

Klein will join a board that historically has not included union-affiliated members. In April 2021, he and two other nominees were selected by President Joe Biden to serve on the board, but their nominations were delayed by lengthy negotiations over issues such as states’ representation."

Read more at the link in our bio.
Congratulations to Teamsters at California Waste Solutions in San Jose who settled their contract after a strike last Friday.

“People are feeling extremely excited and proud of themselves,” union representative Robert Sandoval told San José Spotlight, adding the union has negotiated for more than a year. “They stuck together for a cause they believed in and they won.”

Read more about the strike at the link in our bio.
Congratulations to San Jose D1 Councilmember Rosemary Kamei, who was nominated vice mayor Friday by Mayor Mahan. City council will vote on her nomination as well as committee assignments on Jan. 24.

Read more from San Jose Spotlight at the link in our bio.
Michael Brotherton, who turned out in June 2022, represented IBEW Local 332 at the Western States Electrical Contest this past fall. 

“The competition was fierce, and clearly the other contestants had really put in months of training," he said. "The pipe bending was the most fun: you had to be exact, take every measurement, and it got me back into doing things correctly. Though I didn’t win anything, I had a great time, did my best work, and I was proud to represent Local 332."

Read more about Michael and the competition at the link in our bio.

#TBT to our incredible Halloween haunt, "Nightmare on Barber Lane," and the amazing team of bad-ass 332 electricians who made it all happen!

"It took six months with lots of hands-on work, using different aspects of lighting," said Sergio Monzon, lead organizer of the project. "We applied our skills in a real-life scenario. It was great to see some of the apprentices learn new things. And it was amazing for everyone involved to be so creative and see our vision become a reality after working on the weekends and after work.

“About 500 members, families, friends, and community turned out for the event. We opened our doors to show what the IBEW is all about. We showcased what we can do with lighting, and that we’re so much more than an on/off switch. The sky is the limit, and we built everything ourselves on a budget.”

Read more at the link in our bio.

Edward Wong, an IBEW Local 332 journeyman, and his son Jacob Castrejon, an apprentice, were among the volunteers who helped build the downtown San Jose Christmas tree. 

Jacob said, “My father sparked my interest in the trades in childhood. When told they put the tree up every year, I wanted to be there 100% and meet more of the union members. It’s pretty cool to say you helped build that tree.”

Read more at the link in our bio.

Please help our #union brother, IBEW Local 332 member Angel Flores, who was in a terrible car accident on Dec. 28 and is currently fighting for his life in the hospital. Angel has been an electrician with Blue Arc Electric for nearly 9 years now, and is beloved by all of his co-workers and friends. His smile and positive attitude radiate to everyone he spends time with. Angel was set to get married later this year. Blue Arc and IBEW Local 332 are asking for donations (link in bio) to assist him and his family with the financial impact of the accident. Anything you can chip in will be greatly appreciated.
For Tim and Lilliana Martinez, being electricians and volunteering with the Local is a family affair. Tim turned out in 2010, while Lilliana is finishing up her last year in the inside apprenticeship. For Tim, volunteering is all about community.

He said, “Being involved with the union is good camaraderie, while showing the community that we care."
Read more about Tim and the other IBEW Local 332 volunteers who raised the giant Christmas tree in San Jose at the link in our bio.

The new year is here! Looking forward to making it the best yet with all of our amazing Local 332 members.
Wishing all our members, contractors, supporters, and your families a very safe, happy new year! See you in 2023!
"Embracing unions can potentially help CEOs combat labor shortages and increase retention, according to the think tank Brookings Institution. In a still-tight labor market where workers might have few qualms about quitting, companies could have little choice but to embrace employees' demands.

"'Is going union going to cost the company? Yes,' said Kate Bronfenbrenner, a senior lecturer and the director of labor-education research at the Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations. 'But there are other measures — if you have a union, you'll have lower turnover, workers will be more productive. You're less likely to see your best workers quit.'" 

Read more from @BusinessInsider at the link in our bio.
If getting in shape AND saving money are on your list of new year resolutions, this is your chance! IBEW Local 332 members get a 40% discount at Fitness 19--just $14.99 a month. Sign up online by 12/31 to take advantage! Go to fit19.com to get started.
Our union sister Jen Martin Fuller, a Local 332 inside wireman, needs our help. She was hit by a car while on her motorcycle and her family needs support in taking care of her son and keeping bills paid while she recovers. Please chip in whatever you can to help, and spread the word. Link in our bio. Thank you!
Local 332 salutes our veterans--we are proud to have many in our union, including our own 332 Sergeant in Arms Chris Paup.

“There’s actually a lot of similarities between the military and the union. I tell people that the IBEW is the most military-like civilian organization I know of in regards to how we as union members have each other’s backs. The similarities go all the way down to the training, where the older, more experienced journeymen take on apprentices. On the military side, I train my airmen much the same way."

Read more about Chris at the link in our bio.

#IBEW #unionstrong #veterans
From 332 President Javier Casillas: "I want you to ask yourself, 'How did I end up here in IBEW 332?' I will bet with some reflection, you will look to the past with fond memories of the mentors that guided you or continue to help along your career. We are all part of a Union community, and the conditions we make directly affect each other every day. During the holidays, we reminisce with our friends, family, and IBEW family about our lives. This is the season we make resolutions for next year, but you can make changes right now.

"Running work in Local 332 is the burden of privilege. When asked, I encourage every 332 member to say yes whenever possible. Who else will protect our collective bargaining agreement and working conditions better than our homegrown 332 talent? 

"You are IBEW first, and we need to keep improving conditions for the men and women who make our jobs successful. Please be open to input; listen to concerns about safety; show urgency when the outhouses are not serviced regularly; always provide clean and quiet rest areas with tables and chairs; and for any questions about our agreement, call the hall. A paycheck is for the work we do–a thank you for a job well done. These are common decencies we need to maintain, and when you take care of your brothers and sisters, they will take care of you in return."

Read more from our holiday newsletter at the link in our bio.
Wishing all who celebrate a very merry Christmas!
Local 332 is proud of our partnership with @opfreedompaws, which trains and places service dogs for veterans. The cost for each trained dog is upwards of $20,000, but it is free for the vets. These service dogs are life-changing for many veterans in our community. 

This November, we held a poker tournament to benefit OFP. We had a great turnout and raised over $2,300. The nonprofit has also been the recipient of 332’s golf tournament donations, and we’ve volunteered many hours installing new lighting and electric heaters at their facility. The union is proud to support such a phenomenal organization."

Read more at the link in our bio.

#unionstrong #1u #veterans #IBEW
From 332 Business Manager Dan Romero: "This fall, we ratified the Sound & Communication contract. We won the biggest wage increase in our history with a raise of $4.50, demonstrating how the contractors see the value of our members’ skill and work.

"I encourage members to spread the word about the S&C NorCal apprenticeship. We are seeing double-digit growth in that industry, and there’s a real opportunity for young applicants. Our commercial apprenticeship gets 3000 applicants a year with a waiting list of 600. The S&C only has a fraction of that, so the odds are good for people to get in. For more information, go to norcal-jatc.com.

"Looking ahead to 2023, we are focusing a lot on the residential market. Because of legislation passed by President Biden as well as Governor Newsom, there are federal and state dollars coming down the pike to build affordable housing. We need to ensure that PLAs are in place and that work goes to our members."

Read more at the link in our bio.
"The November mid-term election was a big success for labor, not only on the national stage, but in California and locally, where our elected leaders really have a lot of sway around our members’ work. Out of 80 candidates and ballot measures that Local 332 endorsed, 78 won. Thank you to our members for precinct walking, phone banking, and most importantly, voting." - 332 Business Manager Dan Romero

Learn more about how we did in the Nov. 8 election at the link in our bio.
Wishing all who celebrate a very happy Hanukkah!
'Tis the season to save on your new work boots. Thank you to Beck's Shoes for offering a 25% discount to IBEW Local 332 members! Bring your union membership card and save.
Ain't that the truth.
Getting started on your holiday gift shopping? Make sure your presents are #unionmade! Here are a few ideas--you'll find so many more at the Labor 411 holiday gift guide at the link in our bio!
The new year is right around the corner, and that means time to start thinking about our resolutions! If getting (back?) in shape is on that list, here's a great deal for you. Fitness 19 on Meridian Ave. in San Jose (with 15 other Bay Area locations) is offering a special discount for IBEW 332 members--just $14.99 a month. Get started at fit19.com and use promo code IBEW332. 

Please note that this online promo ends 12/31/22, though you can still get your IBEW 332 discount after that by visiting the Meridian Ave. in person with proof of your IBEW 332 membership.
IBEW Local 332 is proud to be a longstanding supporter of the @YourYWCA Walk a Mile in Their Shoes! "It's one of my favorite and long-standing events that Local 332 supports," said Lilliana Martinez, a fourth-year apprentice and co-captain of the event. "I look forward to it every year. The cause behind the Walk a Mile event seems to resonate with our members on a personal and community level. They are more than willing to continually support the services that YWCA provides for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. And through this connection to the YWCA, our local has increased sponsorship amounts, donations and member participation over the years."

Thanks for the shout-out, @ibewio! Read more at the link in our bio.


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