We are the cutting-edge electricians who power Silicon Valley’s tech campuses, stadiums, hospitals, schools, and government buildings. Serving Santa Clara County, CA, we are a highly-skilled workforce that goes through a rigorous apprenticeship to guarantee the finest craftsmanship.


Go union! Access higher wages, great benefits, job security, and a team-like atmosphere with Team 332.


Earn while you learn! Discover a well-paid career with cutting-edge skills and a lifetime of benefits.


Become a union shop! Gain access to a trained workforce and open doors to bid on more large jobs.            

“Nowadays, people go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and through the apprenticeship, you don’t have to do that,” said Ohio apprentice Mitch Campbell.

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Wishing all of our members, contractors, labor partners, community supporters, friends, and your families a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for you.
Congratulations to @SylviaArenas on her historic win to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors District 1! She has been a great friend to us on the San Jose City Council, and we look forward to her leadership at the county level.

Read more here: https://www.mercurynews.com/2022/11/15/progressives-nab-rural-seat-long-held-by-santa-clara-county-conservatives/

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Heading to the grocery for your Thanksgiving shopping list? Make sure to buy #unionmade products whenever possible! ✊🏽
“Every year, tens of thousands of the most highly-skilled construction workers complete our world-class Registered Apprenticeship programs as they learn the skills needed for a fulfilling, family-sustaining, and inclusive career. As our system expands to meet the demands for new workers in these critical infrastructure jobs, we are committed to recruiting more women, communities of color, indigenous people, veterans and the justice involved for these new opportunities in the unionized construction industry.” - @NABTU President Sean McGarvey


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It's #NationalApprenticeshipWeek! IBEW Local 332 is proud to have the best in the business training the best in the business at our brand-new, state-of-the-art training center. 

Learn more and get started at etasv.org.

Welcome Tanner Silver, journeyman for Blue Arc, is one of 39 new Local 332 members.

“So far the union has been great– everyone has welcomed us with open arms!” he said.

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Shout-out to these awesome, committed Local 332 members who dedicated countless hours and many weekends to building their own horror chambers in this year's phenomenal 332 Halloween haunted house! You all created a unique experience that members and their families won't be forgetting anytime soon. 

Thank you for all your work and especially for your #unionstrong SPIRIT! 👻👻👻

Joey Buziuk 
Marilyn Rosa 
Anthony Martinez (332 inside wireman)
Zahira Elmansoumi (332 residential apprentice) 
Javier Nichols (332 inside wireman)
Ashley Noriega (332 inside apprentice) 
Emiliano Ojeda (332 inside apprentice) 
Brad Gulan (332 inside apprentice)
Austin Pina (332 inside apprentice)
Alex Terry (332 inside apprentice)
Joseph Rosa (332 residential wireman) 
Brandon Lopez (332 residential apprentice) 
Oliver Occ (441 wireman)
Sergio Monzon (332 inside wireman) 
Nataliya Monzon
Welcome Blue Arc Electric to the 332 family! 

“2023 will mark 20 years that Blue Arc has been in business. In that time, we generally did a few million in business every year, with $8.9M as our record. We had always been successful in the nonuunion market, but we had to turn down two to three times the work simply because we didn’t have the manpower.

“We thought about the business we were losing and forecasted what the overhead expense of going union would be. There was a risk because we’d lose some clients. When we decided to take the plunge, some doors closed, but three times as many opened. Now we have a different problem, in that there’s $21 million of work in the pipeline, and we have to grow really fast.

“Within the first couple weeks of being union, we hired a bunch of members, and went from a 39 to 50-man shop. We have nothing but nice things to say about the quality of the IBEW workforce. We’ve never had this level of skill and professionalism with new employees. We’ve had to survive hiring people with very little experience. With the union, everyone who has walked through the door has been stellar.

“Going union is a profound commitment, not just to the contract, but to the culture, and to holding ourselves to the highest standards of work and community. We look forward to a bright partnership with 332 to work as a team and lift each other up.”
- Chet Barraclough & Jared Kroner, Blue Arc Owners 

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Today and every day, IBEW Local 332 thanks and honors our brave men and women in uniform and all who have served our country.
“Organizing Blue Arc Electric into the union is a win for Local 332, for Blue Arc, and most importantly, for the members. It’s a monumental win in our history to bring such a large nonunion shop into the Local.”

“It’s important to grow our union by organizing new members and adding quality contractors like Blue Arc. By doing so, we instantly increased our market share by $10 million and put numerous members to work. Additionally, the more we control our market, the stronger our position at the bargaining table is to negotiate our contracts. This drives our future success, affecting everything from the ability to build our brand-new training facility, to keeping our pension plans well-funded. 

“Blue Arc is the largest and most successful nonunion shop we’ve ever organized in 332 history. It took five years of building a relationship and negotiating.”

“Welcome Blue Arc and our 39 new union members to the IBEW Local 332 Team!” 
- Pete Seaberg,
IBEW Local 332 Vice President

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“Welcome Blue Arc and our 39 new union members to the IBEW Local 332 Team!” 
- Pete Seaberg,
IBEW Local 332 Vice President

Read more here: https://ibew332.org/newsletter/fall-2022/blue-arc-joins-team-ibew-332/
Tomorrow will be too late! Don't walk, RUN to your polling place or a drop box to return your ballot before 8pm TODAY. Vote #YesOn30 to fight the climate crisis while creating good #union jobs!
Don't procrastinate away your voice! TOMORROW is the last day to vote. IBEW 332 members, use our voter guide on our website to fill out your ballot and return to the nearest drop box or your polling place! Find one at the link in our bio.

Just a couple of days left to get your vote in! #Prop30 will fight climate change while creating good union jobs, including for #IBEW members. It's a win-win! #YesOn30 #Election2022
Only 1 week till #ElectionDay2022! Do you know where your ballot is?

If it's still sitting on your kitchen table...grab it now and fill it out. Don't miss your chance to vote YES on #Prop30. It will create and support #IBEW jobs building EV charging infrastructure while aggressively addressing the climate crisis.
"Employers have fired workers who were trying to organize unions, withheld pay and benefits from stores that were in the middle of organizing campaigns, and even spied on workers to find out who supported unions—all behavior that violates the National Labor Relations Act, according to recent decisions issued by the judges with the NLRB. There were 17,988 unfair labor practice charges filed with the NLRB in the fiscal year 2022 (Oct. 1 2021-Sept. 30 2022), a 19% increase from the same time last year, the NLRB said in a release on Oct. 6." 

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Wishing all our members and your families a very happy, safe Halloween! 👻💀🎃
Have you returned your ballot yet? We're just 2 weeks away from #ElectionDay...

Don't miss your chance to
vote YES on #Prop30. It will create and support #IBEW jobs building EV charging infrastructure while aggressively addressing the climate crisis.
Ballots are out now, and one of the most important things you can do this month is vote YES on #Prop30. It will create and support #IBEW jobs building EV charging infrastructure while aggressively addressing the climate crisis.
"Workers have filed more than 2,000 requests to hold elections to form labor unions since the start of the fiscal year, which began in October. That’s a jump of more than 62% from fiscal year 2021—the highest increase in at least a decade. These numbers don’t include unions created without formal elections, often because employers recognize them voluntarily.

It has also alarmed corporate executives, who are paying thousands of dollars a day to break up organizing efforts. Amazon, Dollar General, Hershey’s, Pfizer, Walgreens and Chipotle are just a few major companies that have done so since the start of the pandemic, according to Public Integrity’s review of disclosures filed with the U.S. Department of Labor."
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Geico workers in Buffalo are organizing a union after the company shifted the cost of doing business onto them during the pandemic. Now, the company that refused to pay for the phones they made employees work from is finding the resources to engage in union busting.

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"Two midterm ballot measures, in states roughly 500 miles apart, offer two visions of labor rights in America.

The first referendum, in Illinois, would seek to codify collective bargaining rights in the Illinois constitution. In Tennessee, a state where unions have comparatively much less strength, voters will decide on the opposite question: whether to codify “right-to-work” in their state constitution." 

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From President Javier Casillas: 

"As the days grow shorter, we know that the holidays are just around the corner. For some that’s a happy time, and for others, it can be hard. This season, from Halloween to Veterans’ Day to Thanksgiving to Christmas, we have a variety of member social events. While things around us may be difficult, it’s always good to connect with fellow IBEW brothers and sisters.

It’s also an opportunity to be out in our community. We’ve been here for 110 years, and through our volunteerism, we’ve become part of the fabric of the community. That’s what the brother and sisterhood is all about. I firmly believe that the more we participate together, the more our union grows. I encourage all members to get involved with Local 332."

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From Business Manager Dan Romero:

"The economy, rising inflation, and the stock market have been at the top of my mind just like many of you. My top concern is always negotiating the highest wages and securing our pensions.

Aside from the bargaining table, the biggest thing members can do to have a steady flow of high-paying work is to vote in the interest of labor. Having the right people in office has the greatest effect on our future work."

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Ballots are out, and one of the most important things you can do this month is vote YES on #Prop30. It will create and support #IBEW jobs building EV charging infrastructure while aggressively addressing the climate crisis.
Come out Nov. 10 to have fun and support a good cause! Bets for Vets will raise funds for Operation Freedom Paws, which places service dogs with veterans. RSVP to Pete Seaberg at 408-518-2836 by Nov. 4.

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"The American labor movement is not only alive and well. It’s kicking and fighting, too. 

Since the onset of Covid, American workers have experienced a resurgence of union activity and interest in unions. Beginning with health and safety concerns during the early days of the pandemic, followed by rising inflation during the recovery, local unions have been taking a more aggressive approach in contract negotiations. They are demanding larger wage increases, better scheduling practices, stronger safety measures, the end of two-tier benefits and pay schemes, and more."

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"Thousands of workers around the US are going on strike or threatening to do so heading into October...

According to the labor action tracker at Cornell University, strikes in 2022 so far have significantly outpaced strike activity in 2021, with 180 strikes involving 78,000 workers in the first six months of 2022, compared with 102 strikes involving 26,500 workers in the first six months of 2021. The tracker recorded 41 strikes that started between 15 August and 15 September 2022, involving 35,250 workers."

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Congratulations to striking SFO airport workers who have reached a tentative agreement after 3 days on strike for fair wages and affordable healthcare! 

“This victory shows the world that fast-food jobs can in fact be good, family-sustaining jobs, and it’s all because workers had the courage to strike,” @UniteHereLocal2 president Anand Singh said in the announcement of the agreement.

Read more here: https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/sfo-airport-restaurant-workers-strike-ends-after-tentative-deal-reached/

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