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On #MemorialDay2024 and every day, IBEW Local 332 remembers and honors all the servicemen and women who gave their lives for our freedom.
One competitor in this spring's first-ever #IBEW Local 332 apprentice contest at the ETASV tournament stood out, even though he didn’t place. 

While all the other contestants were fifth-year inside apprentices, Martin Fernandez is a third-year residential apprentice – but he competed anyway.

“I thought it would be a good challenge to put myself out there. I feel like everybody in residential is planning on heading to inside, so I thought it would be good to see what I’m getting myself into,” said Martin, who also plans to go for the inside apprenticeship after he turns out of residential.

“It was about a month of prep. The school gave us all the resources we needed. I was coming in five days a week, and they’d always let me get into a lab or get a one-on-one with an instructor. We had a pretty good idea of what we were going to do – not too specific, but enough to be able to study.:

Read more about Martin and the contest at the link in our bio.
“I’ve been at Pfeiffer Electric for eight years, and in the electrical trade for 30. More than half was nonunion. I just got into the union about 10 years ago, which was probably the best move I’ve made in my entire life.

“Before going into the trades, I was in the Navy as an aircraft mechanic. My brother-in-law was an electrician and asked if I’d be interested. It was a nonunion shop. I started catching on, learning, and paying attention to what I was being taught.

“I started in residential. Then I graduated to commercial about 15 years ago. The nonunion shops would not tell you the truth about the union, so they could keep you. I was always kind of fearful; I didn’t do my homework, just took their word for it – they’re the bosses.

“Then, after some time, I said, ‘This isn’t working for me.’ In 2008, work got really bad for us, so I took a little time off. My brother in law got into the union and asked why I didn’t. I said they said I wouldn’t have work, which is a total lie. I went in, had all the hours I needed, and found wonderful people at the IBEW willing to embrace me." - Frank Roark, journeyman, Pfeiffer Electric
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With a near unprecedented amount of work on the horizon, Los Angeles Local 11 is leaving no stone unturned in expanding its efforts to recruit and retain more women members.

Local 11 sisters and pre-apprentices are encouraged to attend monthly EMPOWER meetings, hosted by ETI Special Projects Assistant Anthy Hadjimarkos. The meetings often have about 50 attendees and provide a wealth of information as well as meals.
"I know that women are interested in the trades. It just takes a different kind of approach to ensure they feel welcome," said Anthy Hadjimarkos, special projects assistant with the Electrical Training Institute. "The proof is in the numbers."

Hadjimarkos chairs the ETI Mentorship Program Offering Women Extra Resources, or EMPOWER. Its mission is to "recruit, retain and support female apprentices and journey-level workers in our local." Attendance at the program's monthly meetings, which are geared toward engaging pre-apprentices, has gone from about three to five attendees to more than 50 since she took over as chairwoman in 2022.

Read more at the link in our bio.

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More photos from our sporting clays excursion March 29. The #union that plays together stays #unionstrong!
“I spent nine years in the Air Force. After I got out, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I worked in law enforcement, and my coworker’s husband, who worked as a foreman, asked if I’d considered electrical work. He said I should apply.

“I didn’t know anything about unions, but they pulled me in. I’ve been here two years and just finishing up my second year of the apprenticeship. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.

“Pfeiffer works more in electrical service rather than big construction, so the work is always something different. I don’t know if there’s anything I haven’t touched yet.

“There are a lot of good things about being a 332 member. What I really like about our local is that the leadership is constantly looking for ways to make us competitive with nonunion and other unions, whether through certifications or broadening our spectrum of knowledge. There are all these labs everywhere in the new ETASV. Our members are always getting trained to be competitive in the marketplace. I really appreciate that.”

Read more about Benjamin and Pfeiffer Electric at the link in our bio.
Here are a few more photos from our sporting clays outing March 29. See who you spot!
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Utility locals in California supercharged a Day of Action at the state Capitol in March, giving lawmakers and the public a look at the skills, equipment and demands of their essential, high-risk jobs.

The next day, the Assembly voted to establish an annual Utility Workers Appreciation Day, culminating a long-term effort for that recognition.

"We work in an incredibly dangerous industry, and we want to make people aware of that and all that our members do," Vacaville #IBEW Local 1245 Business Manager Bob Dean said. "Our members play a pivotal role in our state's story of economic success — but more often than not, their hard work goes unseen."

Read more at the link in our bio.

Here are some more photos from the sporting clays March 29. Enjoy--and plan on joining us for our next event! You keep us #unionstrong.
Shout-out to our #IBEW siblings in St. Louis who spent their weekend volunteering to repair homes for low-income, senior, and disabled St. Louis residents!
You help us stay #unionstrong!

Learn more at the link in our bio.
Beautiful tribute to the #IBEW Local 3 electrician who was the general foreman of the New York Times' electric department for 33 years, and who recently passed away from a cancer possibly caused by exposure to smoldering ash working at Ground Zero after 9/11.

Read about Donald Dimmock at the link in our bio.
From Garth Lewis, #IBEW Local 332 foreman for Pfeiffer Electric: “I’ve been an electrician for 24 years if you count my apprenticeship. I’ve worked for Pfeiffer Electric for 15 of those. I’m also second generation IBEW. My dad was an electrician for 40 years and worked for Pfeiffer for probably 32 of those.

“I’ve known the Pfeiffer family pretty much my entire life. It’s such a small company that Pat knows everybody from our apprentices to our superintendents by name. To be able to work for a company like that in this industry is special; I think the employees all really enjoy that part of it. There are a lot of people who have retired in the last five years, so we’re trying to get a younger group in to follow in our footsteps."

Read more about Garth and Pfeiffer Electric at the link in our bio.
Congratulations to the over 3,000 Volkswagen autoworkers in Chattanooga, TN, who voted #UnionYes to join the @uaw! 

Learn more at the link in our bio.

President Biden addressed members of the #IBEW construction and maintenance conference on April 9 in Washington, DC. He reinforced his support for unions and outlined his administrations plans to ensure unions continue to thrive. Our own Business Manager Javier Casillas, President Pete Seaberg, and Business Rep Dan Sullivan were there.

Check out his remarks at the link in our bio.
Victory! #IBEW celebrates a significant win in our 8-year-long fight for consumer protection and public safety!
Battery energy storage system (BESS) installations of 80 KWh+ in California will soon be handled by C-10 licensed contractors, electricians, and apprentices. This now moves to the Office of Administrative Law for the final stage to become law. 

Local 332's own Chris Maag, Basil Romero, and Will Smith participated in the hearing.

May 1 is International Workers' Day! Happy #MayDay to all the #union workers out there -- and all the workers fighting for their union!
Our own Local 332 Business Manager Javier Casillas represented us at the #IBEW International's business manager training in Billings, Montana, this month.
Solidarity with our #IBEW siblings at Local 46 in Seattle, striking for a fair contract with improved safety measures.

These are the workers who maintain the invisible infrastructure Seattleites use to stay connected and safe every day. They install and maintain security systems, badge readers, fire alarms, and emergency response systems.

“When you think of sound, when you think of communication, when you think of data, when you think of life security, think about our unit,” said Quincy Hernandez, an apprentice with IBEW LU 46. “Your Wi-Fi, your Microsofts or Amazons, cameras, card readers, think of us.”

Read more at the link in our bio.
Women are still very underrepresented in the #buildingtrades -- but that is finally starting to change.

"Shauna Irving became an apprentice in NYC’s #IBEW electricians’ union in 2011. Now, as an A-level journeywoman, she earns a minimum of $61 an hour working on projects all over the city, such as converting a temporary Covid-19 unit into a children’s wing at a hospital."

Read more at the link in our bio.
Pat Pfeiffer is the third generation of his family to lead Pfeiffer Electric (PE).
He’s worn almost every hat during his 38 years at the company. “I’m a product of IBEW Local 332 and joined in 1979 as a material handler.”

Founded in 1926 by Pat’s grandfather, PE will celebrate its 100th anniversary in just a couple of years. It started out as a GE appliance distributor. Pat’s grandmother helped with the appliance store part, and his grandfather ran the contracting part. Pat’s dad started working at PE in 1947, and Pat started in 1986 when he graduated from the apprenticeship. Numerous family members have been a part of the operation along the way.

Pfeiffer has a strong connection to 332. Pat’s brother Gerald was business manager for six years and president for 12 years. “Local 332 is an important partner for us,” said Pat. “I like the direction the #IBEW is going. They seem to be thinking industry-wide and not just what’s good for them personally, which is refreshing.

Read more about Pat and Pfeiffer Electric at the link in our bio.

More women like Grace Morrison of #IBEW Local 573 are finding good long-term careers in the #buildingtrades. “The pride you get from it is unmatched. I’ve never been so happy to go to work. We’re lighting up America.”
Learn more at the link in our bio.
It was great seeing so many of you at our annual sporting clays event on March 29! Here are just a few photos -- stay tuned, more coming soon!
Photos by Joyce Xi
From Local 332 President Pete Seaberg:
"I’m often asked, “What’s the difference between your members and the non-union guys? All of you do the same work, but you guys are so overpriced.” This is often followed up with some version of, “Unions just protect lazy workers.”

At this point, I usually chuckle, smile, and ask them if they actually know anything about construction unions. Of course they don’t. Then I tell them a little about how our union works. Yes, we do get paid high wages and have great benefits. Yes, we fight for our members’ rights every day.  All of this is part of our collective bargaining agreements.

I go on to explain how we get our high wages, full family health insurance and secure retirement plans. That we have all made the CHOICE to fight together, as one massive team, for the betterment and benefit of everyone, not just ourselves. That our strength comes from solidarity and unity. It comes from our everyday CHOICES to hold ourselves to higher standards of craftsmanship and safety. These principles that we choose to live and work by are what set us apart.

Our training, our craftsmanship, our solidarity, and our desire to lift all workers up is the foundation of who we are. I explain that being union creates opportunities for all hard-working, blue-collar Americans. We raise the standards of pay, benefits, and conditions for all workers, not just ourselves. At this point, they usually say they wish they had a union like that, and that they could only dream of benefits like ours.

Brothers and sisters, being union is much more than a choice: It’s a privilege."

Read more at the link in our bio.
Congratulations to the 26 graduates of the #IBEW Local 1245 Lineworker Scholarship Program in Sacramento! 

The program is an intensive training designed to equip them with essential skills to enter and thrive in apprenticeship programs in a variety of utility trades and ultimately clean energy careers.

Read more at the link in our bio.

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From Local 332 Business Manager Javier Casillas: "The last few years have been a rollercoaster ride. Our work has always been and will always be cyclical and what’s happened is a screaming reminder for all of us to save for our future and unexpected events.

"My message will always be the same: Get out ahead, prepare for the worst, and set yourself up for the best. Please look at the results of the past few years and consider learning how to run work; step up to run work; and as a 332 member, always remember that we are all part of the same health & welfare and pension plans. As 332 members, we must keep those plans strong. We need to be driving the jobs and not be passengers in our own local. Only together as a union can we keep our future secure!

I encourage you to come to the next general membership meeting, where we can discuss how to create the brightest work picture and keep our health & welfare and pension plans strong. Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 at the hall. I also encourage you to attend all the contract negotiation meetings: bargaining information meeting to inform negotiations, ratification votes, and wage allocation votes."

Read more at the link in our bio.

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Local 332 hosted a national #IBEW COMET Train-the-Trainer last month. Stay tuned for COMET Training coming soon!
Congratulations to Jacob Honesto for winning the highest score in the hands-on motor control event at our first-ever Electrical Skills Tournament at the ETASV on March 9! He also won #2 overall highest score for the day. 

"I was grateful they gave us an opportunity to do something like this," Jacob said of the contest. "You go through apprenticeship with 100 other people; it's nice to get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves."

#IBEW #unionstrong #buildingtrades
The second event of our first-ever Electrical Skills Tournament March 9 at the ETASV was the written exam. Congratulations to Jason Hershfield for earning the highest score on the written exam!
#IBEW #unionstrong #buildingtrades
The first event at the March 9 ETASV Electrical Skills Tournament was residential wiring. Congrats to Adolfo Tinoco--who was also the #3 overall winner of the tournament--for earning the highest score on this event!
#IBEW #unionstrong #buildingtrades
IBEW Local 332 & the ETASV were proud to host our first-ever Electrical Skills Tournament for apprentices on March 9! The contest gave apprentices a chance to challenge themselves and put their skills to the test, with the overall winner (congratulations Jesus Gomez-Garcia!) going on to represent Local 332 at the Western States Regional Apprentice Contest this fall. Kudos to everyone who put themselves out there and went above and beyond to compete! You make us #332Proud.

#unionstrong #IBEW #buildingtrades
Join us in congratulating the the top 3 overall winners of the first-ever ETASV Electrical Skills Tournament held March 9: Jesus Gomez-Garcia, Jacob Honesto, and Adolfo Tinoco! While they set themselves apart with the highest overall scores, all the competing apprentices went above and beyond, challenging themselves in events throughout the day: residential wiring, written exam, motor controls written, motor controls hands-on, material identification, 1/2" pipe bending, and 3/4" pipe bending.

Watch this space for more photos from the tournament to come throughout the week!

#IBEW #UnionElectriciansDoItBetter #unionstrong #buildingtrades
"Inside a warehouse in Chicago’s Douglass Park, a group of women has been learning a new skillset for the last six weeks, part of Chicago Women in the Trades -- an initiative to encourage increased interest to the trades.

CWIT helped to place 181 women last year in construction, manufacturning, and apprenticeship programs. Of that number the organization said 81 women graduated from the programs here and it was all free.

“For all the women out there that have a little inkling of wanted to be in the trades they can absolutely do it,” said Aisha Brundidge.

Brundidge made the switch from healthcare and graduated from Women Build Illinois, a construction training program. She’s now a first year apprentice for an electrical workers union."

Learn more at the link in our bio.

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"Solidarity, strength and sisterhood were on full display as nearly 4,000 tradeswomen — including almost 400 #IBEW members — descended on Washington, D.C., for the 13th annual Tradeswomen Build Nations conference.

"It's my favorite conference that I go to," said Vancouver, British Columbia, Local 213 apprentice Michelle Abdallah. "This is the one that fills my cup for the rest of the year."

For a group of workers who often find themselves the only woman on a jobsite, attending a conference filled with thousands of women who work in the trades is a powerful experience, whether they are apprentices or seasoned journeywomen.

"These events are important because it gives all sisters in the trades a sense of belonging and a reminder that they are supported," said Jennifer Gray, director of the IBEW Civic and Community Engagement Department. "There is tremendous value in our sisters and siblings telling their story, and hearing others' stories, that a job in the trades can truly change the trajectory of someone's life."

Read more at the link in our bio. 

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Congratulations to #IBEW Local 1 in St. Louis for earning an Innovation in Philanthropy award from the St. Louis Business Journal!

“The partnership between IBEW/NECA Electrical Connection and Rebuilding Together St. Louis was initiated 20 years ago to eliminate hazards in low-income homes, where aging electrical infrastructure and faulty wiring posed a risk to homeowners,” officials said. “Over the years, the partnership has encountered hazards like exposed wiring, open splices, overloaded panel boxes and a lack of ground fault circuit interrupter switches and outlets.”

The Electrical Connection has donated more than $2.3 million in labor and materials to improve more than 585 homes for St. Louis-area homeowners through its partnership with Rebuilding Together, a social services organization that has provided free home repairs for more than 30 years. More than 100 electricians and 20 electrical contractors fan out on a Saturday morning every spring to repair homes. The partnership pays for all of the materials and the labor is donated.

Learn more at the link in our bio.

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"The number of major strikes jumped 43% to 33 in 2023, according to the official Labor Department count, the biggest number of large work stoppages in America in more than 20 years.

There were 462,000 workers who were on strike at some point in 2023, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, and there were 16.7 million days of work lost when the number of strikers and the length of the strikes are taken into account. That’s up from only 127,000 strikers who were off the job for a total of 2.2 million days in 2022."

Find out about some more big strikes that could be coming up in 2024 from @CNN at the link in our bio.

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Check out the excellent op-ed by #IBEW Local 490 member Nicholas Lydon at the link in our bio about why "right-to-work" legislation is just plain wrong.

"The real question that needs to be asked at this point would be, with a housing crisis in full swing, the issues we face with homelessness and drug addiction, is fighting a 75-year-old imaginary battle the most useful endeavor for our lawmakers to be on? And when our state is already pushing forward with the lowest poverty of all 50 states, do we need this unnecessary bill? I would urge everyone to reach out to your representatives and tell them to keep New Hampshire truly free and allow those who want to be in unions to remain in them, without being attacked by legislation like this that isn’t designed to help, but just to hurt a very specific group of people."

#IBEW Local 48 in Portland, OR, hosted acting labor secretary Julie Su to talk about diversifying the trades. 

The federal government recently awarded a $1.25 million grant to Oregon Tradeswomen, a local organization that offers women a pathway to a career in the electrical trades.

Oregon Tradeswomen Executive Director Donna Hammond — who started as an electrical apprentice with IBEW in 1978 — said the grant will allow 200 low-income women an opportunity for a pre-apprenticeship program free of cost.

Hammond said it will create a pipeline of new journey-level electricians, who have completed apprenticeship and are able to work without supervision.

Read more at the link in our bio.

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Please welcome our new Local 332 Treasurer Kim Davis! 

(Pictured L-R: Nate Morris, Business Agent;
Kim Davis, Treasurer;
James Williams, Assistant Business Manager;
Peter Huber, Membership Development
Tonya Hicks became the first woman electrician of #IBEW Local 917, as well as Mississippi’s first certified Black woman journeyman.

Today, in addition to being CEO of Power Solutions, she is running the career-training agency Women Do Everything, which she established in 2015 to help women break into well-paying, male-dominated industries.

“Women need equitable career and job opportunities that pay a livable wage, benefits that support women’s health, and access to affordable housing,” Hicks said in a statement on the agency’s website, which notes that only 2.4% of electricians in the United States are women.

Read more at the link in our bio.
When fortune cookies tell no lies...

Electricians are directly involved in EV charger installation, pre-wiring, and electrical upgrades, as well as maintaining and repairing EV chargers. As EV sales continue to increase, so does the need for charging stations in residential and commercial settings, and so does the demand for electricians. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects nearly 80,000 openings for electricians each year through 2030.

#IBEW locals like Local 103 in MA are already ahead of the curve, with programs like 103's Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program, which helps electricians gain a comprehensive understanding of the EV charging installation process.

Read more at the link in our bio.
#ElectionDay is March 5, but ballots landed at the beginning of this month. There's no reason to wait! Vote for candidates who support strong labor standards and PLAs. Find our endorsements at ibew332.org/endorsements - link in bio. (must be a member with a login).
More examples of what happens when antiunion politicians run states. Tens of thousands of Florida public sector workers from teachers and librarians to groundskeepers and electricians are losing their unions--and the wages, benefits, and working conditions guaranteed by their collective bargaining agreements.

“The work conditions of hundreds of thousands of people are going to be up in the air,” said Rich Templin, the director of politics and public policy for the AFL-CIO Florida. “That’s real lives. That’s not politics. That’s not pro-union, anti-union — it’s none of that. People’s lives are going to be upended.”

Read more at the link in our bio.
Workers at the United States’ largest factory for assembling the fuel rods used in nuclear reactors are unionizing with the #IBEW! 

Nearly 700 employees at the Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility, located 25 minutes southeast of Columbia, South Carolina, are set to vote on whether to form a union represented by the IBEW. The election is scheduled for Feb. 29, March 1 and March 2. 

Read more at the link in our bio.

#unionstrong #1u
Solidarity with our #IBEW siblings in Local 46 at the Port of Seattle fighting for a fair contract! 

"Port Electricians are essential workers who come to work in-person, every day, 24/7 — including during COVID — to keep the Port operating safely and efficiently. They install and maintain critical electrical and life-safety systems that include high voltage power generation and distribution, conveyor and cargo handling, airport runway lighting, wastewater treatment, load bridges, trains, fire alarm, security, power on piers and docks, lighting, and EV stations. They complete rigorous union apprenticeships, are subject to strict licensing requirements, and bring years of experience and expertise to the Port of Seattle.

But Port Electricians are the only licensed building trades group at the Port that does not have their wages and benefits tied to what is received by Union Electricians in Area Trade Agreements. That means the Port is paying highly skilled, licensed electricians at apprentice-level wages."

Read more at the link in our bio.

#unionstrong #1u
While #unionstrong states like CA lead the way in labor rights and safety on the job, states with antiunion laws like MS have far lower wages, fewer protections on the job -- and poor records on worker safety. Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su visited workers and union organizers in Jackson, MS, last week to address concerns. 

Read more at the link in our bio.

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Unions and working families in Michigan celebrated Feb. 13 as the state’s repeal of its so-called right-to-work law went into effect.

The Michigan General Assembly voted to repeal and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the bill in March 2023. 

Michigan was the first state in nearly 60 years to repeal such a law, which weakens unions by allowing workers to reap the benefits of a collectively bargained contract without contributing to the cost of its negotiation and enforcement.

“Killing Michigan’s right-to-work law was a highlight of a terrific year for the #IBEW and all of labor,” International President Kenneth W. Cooper said. “Working people in Michigan today are better protected on the job and empowered to negotiate even better pay and benefits because right-to-work is gone.”

Read more at the link in our bio.

#unionstrong #1u
Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to register to vote online. Do it TODAY at registertovote.ca.gov!

5 San Jose City Council seats, 3 Santa Clara Board of Supervisors, and 8 state senate and assembly races are on your March ballot. These are all critical to 332 work. Our endorsed candidates will support strong contract language, enforce our PLAs, fight for future PLAs, preserve our health and welfare and retirement benefits, and advance workers’ rights on the job.

Mail ballots are out. Complete yours with the voter guide at ibew332.org/endorsements and put it in a drop box!
"As the president of El Paso, Texas, Local 960, Rene Ortega has been ushering in a lot of changes. The union is more active in the community, and it even won a ballot initiative in 2022 that was crucial to its members. But the one thing he might be most proud of is organizing his mom.

Local 960 President Rene Ortega swore in new members on Nov. 2, including his mother Norah and her fellow streetlight analysts.

"None of this would have been possible without her," said Ortega, who's been a lineman with El Paso Electric for nine years and also got his nephew to join the trade. "She's the reason I'm in the company. She put me on the right path, and now I can repay her with representation."

Read more here at the link in our bio.
There's some solid advice for anyone interested in becoming an electrician in this article.

“The first piece of advice that I would give is that it is completely OK if you don’t have any prior experience,” says Stephan Cole, corporate field trainer with Rosendin, a nationwide electrical contractor with headquarters in San Jose, California. “Start by enrolling in a registered apprenticeship program. From there you can learn about the role of an electrician and gain hands-on experience. A great place to start when looking for an apprenticeship is to look for the local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (#IBEW) office in your area.”

Read more at the link in our bio.


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