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Letter from Local 332 President Javier Casillas
Mar 25, 2021

Dear Local 332 Member, 

I think the theme for 2021 for our membership should be, “never let your guard down.” That goes for staying safe in the pandemic and staying current in your craft. We need to double down and focus even harder on protecting ourselves, our families, and our coworkers from Covid. Same with work. Never relax, and always strive for better.

Outside contractors from Sacramento, Modesto, and Stockton are honing in on our turf to bid at lower rates. Those guys are willing to drive two to three hours to get that work. They are hungry, and they can undercut us on cost. So we need to up our level on skill and be on the cutting edge of technology and lead the industry.

So dust off your books, work a few calculations, check out the new benders, and even go down to the electrical supply house just to see if there’s new stuff out. When you’re on the job, it’s easy to get into a rut and have horseblinders on when it comes to the latest techniques. Take a minute to look around and see if maybe the guy next to you is doing it better and constantly evaluate your install. We beat the competition when we up our quality and produce the cleanest and most efficient work. 

Javier Casillas, Local 332 President & Member Development Representative

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