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Inside Commercial Contract Negotiations: Getting the Job Done at the Table
Mar 24, 2021

Bargaining Survey & Contract Votes Will Be Online:

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This spring, Local 322 will tackle contract negotiations for our inside commercial electricians. Our material handler negotiations will start later this year. Like our residential contract last year, our bargaining survey, contract vote, and allocation vote will all be done online due to Covid. We’ll do this securely with you union card number. 

Thank you to those who submitted your bargaining suggestions via email. 

If you are not receiving our emails, call the union hall (408) 269-4332 to provide your email address.

Meet Your Local 322 Bargaining Team: Experience and Vision

We have an experienced bargaining team: Dan Rodriguez, Javier Casillas, Dan Romero, Pete Seaberg, Sergio Rosa, and Dan Sullivan. Collectively, we have bargained many contracts over the years. In addition to the negotiators, Ryan Serene is our recording secretary. Together, we will get the job done right for our members during these tough times. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns in the coming months. 

Dan Rodriguez: “Right now, almost all our members are working, along with about 1,000 travelers. Although this may not reflect the future economic outlook, it puts us in a positive bargaining position to fight for better wages and working conditions. All voting will be online in the pandemic as we did with our residential and S&C contracts, which doubled our member participation. You can read all the materials and vote when it’s convenient for you.”

Javier Casillas: “I believe firmly that if our work remains consistent, we’ll have the conditions to win the best raise that the market can absorb. We have billions of dollars in prevailing wage projects, and we are working at the same levels as pre-Covid. However, that could change with the pandemic, and many employers might not send people back to work. So always expect the best, prepare for the worst, and save your money.”

Dan Romero: “I won’t make any predictions about negotiations. Our strength at the table comes from all our PLAs made possible by electing labor-friendly candidates to school boards, college districts, city councils, and county boards. So the participation of our members in political work is really appreciated. During negotiations, if you have questions or just want to talk, reach out. I’ll spend some time to get to know you so you can get more involved.”

Pete Seaberg:

“I’ve been with the union for about 18 years, and I’m in my second term on the executive board. I was on the residential bargaining team in the heart of Covid, and it forced us to do everything online. The silver lining was that doors opened for more people to participate who live far away or have busy families.

“I’ve been through several rounds of Inside negotiations just as your average joe member, and I know the importance of communicating what’s going on. I’ll be bringing a focus on transparency with the membership and communicating what is transpiring since we can’t have our regular in-person union meetings.

“Right now, we are busy, but things may change due to Covid. Our market is adapting and evolving, so we must also. We have to be smart, aggressive, and bargain for what is best for our local now and into the future.”

Sergio Rosa:

“I’ve been with the local since 2009 as an inside apprentice, and wireman as of 2014. This will be my first time in the bargaining team. I’m hoping to bring the perspective of small shop journeymen and foremen who take pride in the quality and efficiency of union labor.

“When the contractors have work, we have work. The flip side is, our skilled labor is what allows them to take that work. The negotiations to me are about striking a balance between the needs of both the local and the contractors. After all, their work allows ours to shine.

“That being said, I feel we’re bargaining from a positive standpoint. Job sites seem to be back in full swing, and the local is and will always be here to answer the call.“

Dan Sullivan:

“I was accepted in the Inside apprenticeship in 1999 and graduated in 2004. I enjoy working with my hands, the camaraderie, and the sense of accomplishment on a project, big or small, from a school to Levi’s Stadium.

“In contract negotiations, I want to increase wages, but I’d also like to clean up any gray language, and improve working conditions as well as our quality of life. 

“Our members have a lot of employment, and I believe we are negotiating from a position of strength. However, with a lot of businesses working at home, it’s uncertain how much office space is needed. At bargaining, I will represent the membership the best I can, be a good union brother, get members’ input, and help achieve our goals.”

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