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From Our Business Manager
Oct 19, 2020

Greetings Sisters and Brothers:                                                                                           
If you haven’t voted, check out our guide. Though the presidential race is important, it’s actually the LOCAL races and policies which help us continue working. If you vote on nothing else, vote with your pocketbook on the local level, because this can make or break us. 

After the election, things are going to change, regardless of who wins the presidency. COVID and the economy may be headed for a rollercoaster ride. We don’t know what’s in store for our industry, and if our work will be steady, intermittent, or if it will bottom out. We traditionally do well even in the downturns, but we’ve never encountered a pandemic like this. Right now, we are working steadily, but we don’t know which companies are going to continue to build. Our members need to prepare, and I urge you to save money. 

As individual tradesmen and women, we don’t get paid unless we work. There is no steady check, and we don’t have the luxury of salaries. But we have a can-do attitude. By putting away at least three months of savings, you’ll be better prepared for whatever hits us. The best case is that you save and don’t have to use it.

As a union, we are also preparing. We are streamlining our processes to be ready for the worst, but hope for the best. We are tightening our belts, cutting some staff, and saving money in anticipation of not having the same revenues. 

We’ve gone through bad times before and gotten out of it – and those who fared well were those with savings who could ride it out. I also cannot express how important it is to have a union in this moment. Together we can push to maintain prevailing wages and secure more union construction work with skilled craftsmanship. 

I’m extremely proud of how our members have shown up during the pandemic – whether that’s on the job site using PPE or doing COVID-safe political activities. We’re showing the employers and local politicians that we have the ability to be leaders and rally the troops. Keep it up, stay vigilant, and stay safe.

In Solidarity,

Dan Rodriguez,
Local 332 Business Manager

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