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Mental Health During Stressful Times
Aug 21, 2020

Brett McClureReaching Out For Help During the Pandemic

2020 has been a stressful year for all of us: the isolation, health concerns, financial instability, and adaptations to a “new normal” of the COVID pandemic, as well as the raw, reopened wounds of racial inequality. At times, we may feel we’re in an overheated pressure cooker ready to explode.

Some 332 members may suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia,?irritability, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, concentration issues, uncontrolled anger, panic attacks, or even thoughts of suicide. If any of these problems interfere with your work or daily life, I encourage you to seek professional assistance.

There is no shame in asking for help. Research shows that mental health directly prolongs physical health, and many professional athletes seek psychological guidance to achieve peak performance.

Reach out to a friend, family member, or healthcare professional for support. Both the self-funded and Kaiser health plans have resources. There are also hotlines if you feel desperate. The numbers are below.

Remember, every circumstance is temporary. You are not alone; there are people who care. With honesty and compassion, we can all help each other. I encourage you to reach out to other members, and if you see a brother or sister who might be struggling, let them know you’re there. The late Bill Withers said it best: “Lean on Me.”

In solidarity,
Brett McClure
Safety Committee Chairman

P.S. As a Local 332 member, you have access to mental health services as part of your health plan (see left margin). Here are some additional websites related to mental health to get information:

Local 332 Plans
Mental Health Resources

Anthem Blue Cross
408 288-4400 or 800 541-8059

Group #277786M001
800 464-4000

Group #780 (Inside)
Group #919 (all others)
Optum Health
877 225-2267
Beat It (Substance Abuse Help)
877 225-2267

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