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Aug 21, 2020

Kicking Off Election Season During the Pandemic

Pandemic or not, the November 3rd election is right around the corner. According to Alex Caraballo and Will Smith, 332’s Political Action Committee (PAC) co-chairs, it’s critical for all members to get involved.

“All of our normal activities have been pushed back because of COVID, and we are down to the wire with less than 90 days to go,” said Alex. “We have less time to make our voices heard in the community.”

Will concurred, “This election is going to be unlike any we’ve ever had; we can’t campaign like we have in the past because of the pandemic. We have less time, so we need more member involvement to secure a victory for our labor-friendly candidates.”

City & County Races as Important as Federal

“Federal leaders use a broad brush,” said Will. “But it’s local leaders who paint with a fine brush to impact our members, our jobs, our families, and our communities.”

According to Alex, “Every local race from the water district to the president impacts us. However, our number one political priority is securing more work for our members. When our economy hits bottom because of the pandemic, it’s actually our city and county leaders who impact our jobs, PLAs, and housing.”

332 Member Movement = Union-Friendly Leaders

“Dramatic member participation translates to dramatically changing how our communities look and who represents us in government,” said Alex. “Only as a collective movement of members can we elect labor-friendly leaders who care about working families and value us both as workers and people.

“If all members volunteered 10 hours per year, it would mean 37,000 hours of political power. So join us this fall. We’ll be doing COVID-safe activities like literature drops and phone banking. Show you’ve got solidarity and that you’ve got the backs of all working people.”

Join the PAC movement: contact Alex Caraballo at 510-789-7005 or

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