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Dollars and Sense: Your Contracts
Aug 21, 2020

Big Residential Contract Gains in the Midst of the Economic Crisis

On June 15, residential members settled the largest residential contract in Local 332’s history. In spite of the COVID crisis and huge economic uncertainty, it’s one of the strongest and highest-paid residential contracts in the Bay Area and probably on the West Coast, according to Pete Seaberg, executive board member and bargaining team member.

Before the pandemic took hold, members participated in a meeting and shared their priorities for contract improvements for the bargaining team to take to the table. Then things got weird.

“Because of COVID, the entire negotiation had to be done over Zoom,” explained Pete. “That’s more challenging than being face to face, where you can read facial expressions and body language and have sidebar conversations.

“Before the pandemic, our members were extremely busy, which normally would give us a strong bargaining position. But work came to a halt, and nobody knew what was next: Would things go back to normal? Would the economy crash? So getting the most we could for our members was pretty challenging.”

But the bargaining team prevailed, and 332 members should be proud of our contract. We secured the leading contract for IBEW residential, which will be a model for other locals nationally.

Most importantly, an $11 per hour raise over four years is incredible in these uncertain times, and our residential electricians will get paid what we are worth.

Residential Contract Highlights
  • $11-an-hour raise over 4 years
  • $2.75 raise per hour, per year
  • 30% increase over the raise in the last contract
  • 1st year apprentices will start at 60% of journeyman wages
  • 350 residential members covered by the new contract
  • 106 residential members voted online to ratify contract

Inside Electrician Contract Wage Allocation

At the beginning of May, Local 332 put out an on-line survey to determine the will of our members for our Inside wage allocation. We received 566 responses out of 2,324 eligible members and came up with three options. At the end of May, we put the three options online for a vote. We had 790 votes cast, and Option-1 carried the largest vote at 46%. This was the most votes ever cast for one of our wage allocations.

Inside Wage Allocation Breakdown
  • $3.00 to wages
  • $1.00 to Part-B pension
  • $.50 to the HRA
  • $.35 to Health & Welfare
  • $.15 to the JATC

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