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Protect Our Progress: NO on the Recall
Updated On: Aug 09, 2021

From Our Business Manager

Dear Brothers and Sisters of IBEW Local 332,

Millionaires who want to roll back worker protections in California are funneling big money into a campaign to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom. If they are successful, we’ll lose many of the hard-fought gains we’ve made on higher wages, paid sick leave, and safety on the job.

The recall backers are part of a national network of anti-union interests that include billionaire funders who attack prevailing wages, project labor agreements, union jobs, pensions, minimum wage laws, and voting rights.

California’s laws to protect workers are the strongest in the nation. Under Gov. Newsom’s leadership, we’ve secured major gains for IBEW members. All that we’ve fought for to win project labor agreements, stronger health and safety protections, electric vehicle infrastructure, and higher wages are at risk with the anti-union recall.

The funders of this recall want to roll back our progress. Combined, these corporate funders of the recall have spent tens of millions of dollars attacking unions and our agenda to protect workers. The anti-union recall backers want to lower wages, eliminate health and safety laws, and kill union jobs.

We can’t afford to allow anti-union special interests to seize control of California. The recall risks undermining and dramatically weakening our shared commitment to creating opportunity for all working people and families, particularly for us in the construction trades.

Look for your ballot in the mail in the coming days and make sure to VOTE NO ON THE ANTI-UNION RECALL on or before September 14th!

In Solidarity,

Dan Rodriguez
332 Business Manager

Recall Election: VOTE NO!

According to the California State Finance Department, the September 14th gubernatorial recall election is going to cost us $276 million dollars! That’s taxpayers’ hard-earned money that could be used for infrastructure construction, education, and the efforts to fight Covid.

The IBEW stands 100% behind Governor Gavin Newsom. He has been a long-standing ally to workers, to unions, and to the construction trades. And whether or not you agree with him on everything, it was Newsom who kept the trades working when most other industries were shut down during the pandemic.

Newsom has advanced our members’ interests through legislation and appointments including:

  • Signed AB841, sinking $1.5 billion into energy storage, our renewable infrastructure, and EV charging stations to be built by IBEW members.
  • Made pro-labor appointments to the CA State Licensing Board to protect IBEW work and stop non-union companies from building large storage.
  • Lowered the amount of infrastructure dollars that need to be spent for prevailing wage to kick in.

The vast majority of Californians are against the recall, a colossal waste of our money that is an attempt by corporate bosses, millionaires, and right-wing fringe groups to upend democracy. There is always low voter turnout in special elections, and many may stay home, so it’s essential that IBEW members VOTE NO and send in our ballots early to ensure our voice and our vote count!



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