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Union Made/American Made Products
Updated On: Apr 12, 2019

Looking for a resource that directs you to Union Made and American Made products and merchandise? Check out the following:

Try the Union Label = Union Made/American Made Products

Here is the 411 on Union Made products:

Union Stores, Dental Offices, Printers, Barbers, Etc. in Northern California by City:

Here is one listed on the AFL-CIO website:

How about a Union product Pinterest? Check out this website:

The All American Clothing Company- This company really has the Made in America spirit we wish every business had. Many of their products are union made (they list which ones) and they are easy to do business with.

Union House Apparel- Clothing Made in the USA and Union Made. Not only clothing but footwear, wall clocks, cookware, and toys. (note: if purchasing underwear they run a little big). This company employs union workers!

UFCW Mobile App. that lists UFCW/Union Made Products:

Union Made Mattress: Most mattresses sold in California are American Made, and likely made in California. This mattress is union made in San Francisco.

Costco and big box stores:

Many people can agree that big box stores like WalMart, Sam's Club and Kmart put a burden on society by paying low wage's and minimum, if any, benefits to their non-management employees. The burden is realized because many of these employee's get their health care from the tax payer paid County health services and require additional assistance for rent and living expenses. In the case of Sam's Club and WalMart they do so despite huge profits for their owner's.

And in general terms all big box stores squeeze out the mom and pop stores and the small business's that make up an important part of the American middle class.

Having said that, it is important to note that big box retailer Costco is an exception to the rule. They not only pay living wages to their workers they also give respectful and legitimate benefits to their employees. It may be because many of their employees are members of a local union.

As an example some, but not most, of their meat departments and/or tire centers have employees represented by unions.

So if you have to use a big box store, Costco is really the only one that doesn't force most of their employees to work part time to avoid benefits and is an employer that pays their workers a living wage. And it's an industry fact that Costco employee's are treated with respect.

WalMart is famous not only for spending any resource they have to remain a non-union retailer but they also teach new employees, during their orientation, how to use a County's assistance system to supplement their wages with benefits and assistance paid by the taxpayer. They do this in lieu of their responsibility as an employer and the astronomical corporate wealth that is concentrated to a few Walton family members. See these articles for more info:

Forbes: Costco vs Walmart

Motley Fool

Huffington Post

UFCW Local 5 and Walmart

American Made Products: We have experience with All American Clothing, Toys of USA site and the Made in America Store, but please use the following as a reference only and use discretion. Many companies claim the USA Made label but a few of the products may not be due to certain circumstances.


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